Hi! I’m Matt Pool.

While I do love sunsets and a good old-fashioned stroll on the beach, my real passion is technology. And, specifically, I love Google. I have no ill-will towards Apple (currently writing this on a 2015 Macbook Pro) and only slight ill-will towards Microsoft (discontinued my Zune, grumble, grumble) but I do love my Android phones and Google’s products. So I would expect a heavy Google experience on this blog.

I work in the IT field and dabble in some coding as well, but most of all I like being an early adopter of new tech. My wife… doesn’t (ka-ching!). But she, my family, and my friends have come to see the benefit of my hobby and career as I have become the personal IT assistant to many in my community.

With all the questions I am asked about new technologies and how much I love to share what I have personally discovered I felt it was time to create a safe place for us to converse. I can share my new discoveries and you can ask me your questions.

My motto? Don’t be discouraged by technology, be willing to try new things! If you are, I will be willing to hear you say, afterwards, “No, that just isn’t for me, but thanks for showing me how.”

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My thoughts, Your Questions

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